Book Review: The Wreckage of My Presence

I’m a big Casey Wilson fan. Her humor just works for me. I loved her on SNL and was fully obsessed with her on Happy Endings (a show that does not get nearly as many accolades as it deserves). I now keep up with her via her podcast, Bitch Sesh. Can’t get enough of her, basically. That’s why I gobbled up her collection of essays. Told in her Casey way, which basically means she acknowledges her craziness and embraces it, these essays cover her childhood, dating experiences, acting life, and how grieving her mother’s death has impacted her life.

I fell in love with Casey Wilson not just because she shares my obsession with Real Housewives [see: Hot Housewives of Orlando; Bitch Sesh], but because she fully acknowledges the garbage that it is and how its impacted society. She is keenly observant when it comes to what drives women and is able to package it in perfect pop culture references [see: Bride Wars]. This self awareness infuses each one of these essays and makes them so spot-on. I found myself laughing out loud through her description of a spring break hookup and her dad’s perm. But it was those moments where she realizes just how much her mother’s death has impacted her that really got me. Wilson is as hilarious in print as expected and this collection is the perfect length to just binge when you want a nice chat with a friend.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: Dry riesling