Today is Yom Kippur and I’m currently observing by attending virtual services and thinking about all the times I’ve transgressed this past year. I know that sounds super depressing, but if you think about it as a time of reflection and commitment to self-improvement, it’s actually really nice. After all, we can’t move forward until we’re honest about where we’ve been. With that, let’s take a look at where I’ve been this last week!

Before Yom Kippur we have Rosh Hashanah, the start of the New Year. I picked a synagogue I’ve wanted to learn more about and tuned into their virtual services. They were long (as is normal for one of the two holiest days of the year) but I liked their vibe. My Catholic hubs worked all day but joined me in the tradition of tashlich. I didn’t grow up performing this ritual but decided to lean into it this year. Basically, you toss bread into a body of running water to cast away your sins. It’s not a prayer-heavy thing so it’s something our whole fam can participate in. We took turns saying what we wanted to improve on in the year to come and got in a nice pre-dinner walk to and from the East River. We arrived home just in time to enjoy a nice holiday meal that I prepped earlier in the day.

I love Arthur Avenue and I love street fairs so a street fair on Arthur Avenue was the perfect way to spend a Sunday. Kathleen and I shared all sorts of Italian treats at the annual Ferragosto festival and brought home so goodies for later in the week.

I recently lamented how we haven’t been taking advantage of our Spanish Harlem location lately so on Saturday my beau suggested we grab lunch at one of my favorite spots, Quesadillas Doña Maty. Ugh I love this place.