PSA: The Lit. Bar

Sure, I’d heard of the Mott Haven neighborhood in the Bronx…but that’s a large borough so I assumed that specific section was far away from me. That’s why, back in 2019, when I heard of a great bookstore in Mott Haven, I kinda dismissed it. Too far, I thought. Might as well just go downtown for books. Well it turns out this area of the Bronx is super close to Harlem and The Lit. Bar is just two quick subway stops away. That means that although it’s in an entirely different borough, it’s actually the closest bookstore to me.

But The Lit. Bar isn’t just a bookstore. It’s a gathering place. True, gathering hasn’t happened much due to the pandemic (which began shortly after they – the only independent bookstore in the Bronx – opened), but the setup is there and I’m confident IRL group hangs will be part of our lives once again.

This store has a great selection of books with all the new releases I was looking for as well as some classics and a nicely curated children’s section. All with a focus of authors of color. And did I mention they have wine?! Wine + books means this one store has pretty much everything I need in life. If they have a bathroom I might just move in.