As of yesterday, it is officially fall. I miss summer already. And somehow, cloudy skies seemed to coordinate perfectly with the official change of seasons. I’m still planning to hang on to my fancy free sunny day vibes as long as possible though, don’t worry. My biggest concern right now is that Georgia and Notre Dame play at the exact same time on Saturday. It’s rare that our schedules conflict but as a household with two very strong college football fans and escaping to a bar out of the question (due to COVID), this should be interesting.

This week found me in Murray Hill, my old stomping grounds. I lived there for six years but am so rarely in the neighborhood now. When a dinner happened to be scheduled in the area, we went down a bit early to grab a drink at our old favorite spot, Ted’s. It was nice to be back and I had such a lovely mocktail. I’m very into the mocktails and really appreciate when a bar can do something special.

That dinner in Murray Hill I mentioned [above] was for Karina’s birthday. It was great to be out celebrating. Normally I would scoff at an 8 pm Tuesday night dinner, but I’m out so rarely during the week these days that it was actually really nice.

The weather right now is absolutely perfect for sitting in the courtyard with a paper and cup of coffee. I love spending my weekend mornings like this.