Football season is in full swing and I’m loving it. That said, I live much more in the college football world and only watch some of the pro stuff, usually halfheartedly. Inevitably, however, it will be on the tv in our house more days of the week than not so I’m trying to take that as an opportunity to carve out some me time. I’m way behind on my reading goal for the year and looking forward to catching up as well as taking some neighborhood walks to listen to some podcasts.

My company’s annual retreat was last week and, while it looked a bit different than years past (we weren’t all camping in the English countryside), it was so wonderful to get a group together. When I started in 2019 there were maybe 125 employees and now we’re closing in on 400. It’s wild to witness the company’s growth. I loved seeing many of my US-based co-workers in person last week and was reminded of why I have a pretty great job.

It was a comedy of errors getting there and back (a Zipcar that didn’t show up, an Uber that refused to drive us the full distance), but I’m happy we went to Connecticut to watch college football on Saturday. We got to see two close friends who we haven’t seen in quite a while and it was so nice to just hang on the couch.

I absolutely love San Gennaro fest. It’s like an NYC street fair taken to a whole other level, all with Italian food. We strolled the streets, ate all the food, and soaked in all that’s great about New York.