Book Review: Beautiful Boy

My friend Blair had told me good things about Beautiful Boy…good things that came with a warning label.  “It’s heavy,” she cautioned.  You see, the full title of this book is Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Meth Addiction. Meth?  I know people with questionable drinking habits.  I also know a bunch with questionable cocaine habits.  But meth is hardcore.  I prepared myself by reading something very light beforehand and then dove into this dark, heartbreaking true tale of addiction and a father’s love.

The hardest part about reading this memoir is that David’s son Nic just…keeps…relapsing. The amount of drugs he is consuming is nearly incomprehensible.  It’s also hard to wrap your head around how, even when it seems he has hit rock bottom, he keeps going back for more.

I appreciate author David Sheff’s candid account of the journey his entire family took through Nic’s ordeal.  There were several occasions when I thought “David, this is a bad parenting choice; no wonder your child is doing drugs.” (Easy for me to say, right?) But the thing is, David owns up to it.  He admits mistakes were made.  Were they the only cause of his son’s addiction? Certainly not; however, it’s nice to see someone truly analyze a situation and their own role in it.

This book is about to become a movie (that seems very well cast, in my opinion) so read it now before it hits theaters where the story may seem too crazy to be true.  Honestly, the fact that this story is true makes me terrified to become a parent.  The opioid epidemic was not a thing when my parents were raising me.  My generation has to deal with a whole new set of problems that they never needed to worry about.  This book was great, but it really scared me.

4 out of 5 stars.

beautiful boy