Albert was away all weekend and we realized this was the first time we’d spent two nights apart since the pandemic started. We’re both people who [pre-pandemic] traveled often for work and social life so we were accustomed to having a few nights apart every month. Since COVID, we’ve been together every night for a year and a half. That’s a lot. Although I didn’t really do anything special with my solo time, this felt more like a return to normal than other markers of post-panny life.

I spent both Saturday and Sunday mornings in the courtyard with the paper and a cup of tea. The weather was absolutely perfect and it was so easy to make the tea in my apartment and just walk it outside with me. It’s not the “whole to-do” I sometimes make it out to be in my head. No, our outdoor space isn’t immediately off our living room, but it ain’t what I’d call far and is so simple to shoot right down in the elevator. I just have to keep reminding myself that! The tea I was drinking was a special pregnancy blend included in my latest Bump Box – that gift from my beau is one that keeps on giving!

I had to meet with someone in Downtown Brooklyn over the weekend and was excited that it meant I could hit up the farmer’s market that right outside the Borough Hall stop. I had never seen so many varieties of heirloom tomatoes! I got a couple plums and some of those heirloom tomatoes because I couldn’t resist one more great ‘mater meal before the season is totally over.

I’m always in awe of Grand Central. I was NOT happy to see that they recently converted the old school flip board time table to a digital one.