Book Review: Instructions for Dancing

Evie loved love. Yes, past tense. After her parents’ “perfect marriage” ends in divorce she is decidedly done with love. She casts her beloved romance novels aside and is content to live in a world where she knows love stories all end in sadness. This believe is reaffirmed when she happens upon a mysterious stranger who gifts her a book…and visions. Any time she sees a couple kiss, she is privy to their entire story: the beginning, middle, and end of their romance. In an effort to make the visions stop, she follows the book to its original owner, a dance studio. It’s there that she meets X and gets swept up in both a dance competition and – you guessed it – love.

Of course this book was totally predictable, but it’s still fun to watch Evie come [back] around to love. And that’s not just love in the romantic sense. Author Nicola Yoon digs into what makes love itself so complicated and that’s often in the other relationships it impacts, that of a father and daughter or friends of a couple. Yes, it’s about releasing some of that cynicism…but also about how we grow emotionally after we’ve done that.

3.5 out of 5 stars. Points detracted mostly because rom-com is simply not my preferred genre, but I admit it was well done.

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