This week truly feels like fall. I don’t just mean we’re doing fall activities like pumpkin patches to pretend it’s fall even though it’s 80 degrees. I mean there’s a true crispness in the air and the leaves have begun to change. I wish I could say I haven’t gotten sucked into it…but I’ve been out buying cozy sweaters left and right. HOT TIP: If you haven’t started following @jongraz (and Noodle the Pug) on TikTok to see whether or not it’s a #nobonesday, get on it. It’s a great way to get your day started.

On Saturday, Smerg came over and he and Albie spent allll day painting the guest room (soon to be the bambino’s room). I absolutely LOVE the color. Truth be told, this is how I wanted to paint this room when we moved in, but I had been too overwhelmed by other renovations that I decided to paint the entire apartment one color to keep things simple. Having a new tenant was the kick in the pants we needed to do what I always wanted to do in this room. As the room comes together, it definitely looks more like a grown up room than a nursery…but ya know what? I love that. (And don’t worry, I’ll add a few elements, like decals, to kid-ify things a bit.

Narisa, one of my coworkers in Toronto is on a much needed vacation and is spending a week of it in NYC. I’m so happy I got to meet up with her for some coffee. Since working from home for the last 19 months, I rarely interact with my coworkers in person – and def not my non-US coworkers! This was a much needed “normal” moment.

These flowers are truly brightening up my week.