Bulgogi Bowl

After noticing thin sliced beef on Umamicart, I knew it would open up a world of fun recipes. It’s a massive pain to slice meat so thinly yourself (and not easy to make those slices consistent) so I just…don’t. Think about how great it would be to easily make legit Philly cheesesteaks at home if the meat prep is already done?! I added the meat to my cart immediately, along with some other items that would work for a bulgogi bowl since Umamicart was also a place I could get that bulgogi marinade already done for me. Basically, this recipe quickly becomes one of assembly rather than prep; and those are always the best kinds of recipes.

Get some rice going in the rice cooker (I used a wild grain because I ran out of sushi rice) while you cook the rest. Start by sautéing 1 medium onion with oil in a large pan or wok until it’s softened. You want to do the onion first because the meat is so thinly sliced that it’ll cook very quickly. Once the onion is soft, add 1 lb of thinly sliced beef and let it begin to brown for about 1 minute. Add bulgogi marinade to the pan and continue to sauté, stirring constantly, until the meat is cooked through. Set aside (and clean the pan while the rice finishes up). Quickly fry up an egg (the yolk should still be runny) and assemble your bowl. Rice + meat/onion mixture + pickled bamboo shoots (kimchi would also be good here) + fried egg + sriracha + kewpie mayo + sliced scallions.

This came out better than I could have imagined. It’s all about identifying the right sauces/toppings and simply throwing them together…but that’s a skill, right?