Has it been dreary where you are? It’s been pretty rainy and gross here in NYC. I don’t totally mind though. While it’s impeding my motivation to go out for afternoon walks (something I vowed to start doing this week), it makes everything feel more fall-like. Soon it’ll be time to break out the hot tea and cozy up with a viewing of Hocus Pocus. (Side note: there is so much tv on my to-watch list, but I can’t get to it because sports are on fire right now!)

Speaking of sports, I can’t believe the Braves are in the World Series right now! This is the first time this has happened since 1999. That means in the time since their last appearance children have been born and graduated college. This is major, and I’m having so much fun cheering on my team and my fave player, Ozzie Albies. When your husband is named Albie Otto, how can he not be the favorite?! Also…he’s just awesome.

Over the weekend we went on a little babymoon. I’ll share all the details next week, but it was a perfect weekend getaway. I was originally nonplussed about the idea of a babymoon. My type of travel often involves things I can’t partake in while pregnant, like wine tasting. Also, during this pandemic, my beau and I have had plenty one on one time so it didn’t feel super necessary to escape for some couple time. But I have to say I was wrong and am so glad Albert booked this trip. We found a perfect town that was so close that we didn’t lose vacation time to travel, which made it all the more relaxing. It was also a sleepy little place so I didn’t have fomo watching people spill out of the bars.

Did y’all ever do the Flat Stanley thing in elementary school? Well, my nephew is doing it now and sent Flat Brooks to NYC for an adventure. I’m having fun taking him around the city for the week and hope he’s happy with the results. I want him to impress his class!