Book Review: One Of Us Is Lying

Five kids are stuck in detention. Before their time is served, one of them is dead. Who’s to blame? This book has obvious breakfast club vibes: There’s the brain, the homecoming queen, the bad boy, the jock, and the loner. They’ve all got secrets, but is one of those secrets homicidal? Simon (the loner) never makes it out of detention. He runs a gossip app where he outs all of his classmates’ dirty deeds and as the investigation progresses, it becomes clear that he was planning to spill some major tea about each of his co-detainees…meaning they each had a motive. They’re all lying, but which liar is also a murderer?

It’s about secrets, but it’s also about what the secrets protect. In the case of all the main characters, the secrets shield them from a certain loneliness they’re trying to keep at bay. So afraid are they of being exposed to this loneliness, they’re willing to do almost anything to conform to the standards [established by high school/parents/boyfriends] pressuring them. While YA, the secrets and relationships between characters felt realistic – appropriate for high schoolers but not so juvenile that you can’t appreciate it as an adult. If you’re into crime/mystery, this is a good read no matter your age. And if you like listening to true crime podcasts, I have a hunch this is definitely a book for you.

4 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: Water and a Payday