Book Review: Crying in H Mart

Michelle had a complicated relationship with her mother. Expectations were high and Michelle often focuses more on the tough than the love. But when she’s 25 years old and trying to find herself through music across the country, she’s called back home to care for her mother after a terminal cancer diagnosis. Once back in Oregon, she sees a new side of her mother and connects with her – and her Korean culture – on a whole new level.

While I can relate to neither a strained relationship with my Mom nor a dying parent, I can relate to working though my feelings through food. When Michelle wants to show her mother her love, she cooks. When she needs to process the diagnosis, she cooks. When she wants to work through the awkwardness of a holiday with her husband’s family, she cooks. We grieve along with Michelle, but we also heal with her.

4 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: Light beer