What a roller coaster it’s been. Caring for a newborn is HARD and as of today, I’m on my own. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have my mom here for a few weeks, but she just went home and my beau is back to work. Thankfully, COVID has made remote work a little easier so he’ll be able to help me out at times, but this was certainly a test. It’s a good thing this bambino is cute!

I got an insanely good deal on this bag (thank you, Black Friday!) and I decided to finally take her out for a spin. It’s small but still manages to hold all the necessary items and is the kind of classic staple piece that’s a real closet workhorse.

It’s been four days and I’m still on a high from UGA winning the National Championship. I’m a huge Georgia Football fan and seeing my Dawgs clinch the Natty was HUGE. I wish I was able to celebrate with friends and all the drinks, but life just wasn’t having that this year. Nevertheless, it was an incredible moment for the Dawg Nation that I won’t soon forget.

I am so incredibly fortunate that my Mom was able to spend so much time here helping out. Just having someone in the house to watch the baby so I could do a load of laundry or run an errand was life changing. It did wonders for my sanity. But it’s not just about what it did for me; I loved seeing what it did for Finn. By the time she left, I can just tell he recognized her. If she walked out of the room, his eyes followed; and if she held him, he calmed down. It warmed my heart.