Grated Egg Avocado Toast

Once again, I’ve been influenced by TikTok. This week, someone showed up in my feed grating a hard boiled egg over avocado toast and I said “yup. I’m gonna do that.” It was a no brainer because I had all the ingredients in my kitchen already so the very next day I made it for lunch. Yes, it looks pretty, but serving up the egg this way makes it so fluffy. You’re eating the cotton candy of egg. I’ve been topping avo toast with sliced hard boiled egg for a while now, but grated just hits different.

I hard boiled my egg a few hours earlier so that it would 1) be easier to grate and 2) allow me to throw this meal together in under 5 minutes. If you’ve got that ready, it’s easy peasy: spread kewpie mayo on a piece of toast, top with avocado, grate egg over the top – really make it rain – and then add any accoutrements. Some people seem to go with sriracha, I used maldon salt and crushed red pepper.