Thai Green Curry Beef Bowls

In a recent Umamicart order, I grabbed some green curry paste and have just been waiting for an opportunity to cook a warm bowl of curry. When the temperatures turned frigid, I knew it was the perfect time for a nice warm saucy rice bowl. You know how some people crave soup on cold days? Well I crave a nice saucy rice bowl. It like soup but better because there’s more texture and I love me some texture.

Start by cooking down some vegetables in a wok or large pot. I used one head (or small bag) of broccoli, one very thinly sliced red bell pepper, one small thinly sliced onion, and two sliced scallions (white parts only, but save the green parts for later – and I recommend slicing the scallions on a bias). The colors are so good here. You’ve got a nice rainbow going on and that’s always a good thing when it comes to cooking. Once the veggies have softened to your liking, push them to the side and add green curry paste and coconut milk/light coconut milk (I used about 3/4 of the can of each) and stir them together so they emulsify then combine with all the veggies. You could mix the sauce ingredients in a separate bowl…but why dirty another bowl. I love that this can be a one-pot meal. Once everything is saucy, add a bunch of bamboo shoots, toss, add thinly sliced beef, and season with salt and pepper. For the beef, I got some that was pre-sliced from Umamicart. I think it’s meant for KBBQ/bulgogi, but it worked perfectly here and cooks up super fast since it’s so thin. Serve with rice and top with lime, Thai basil, the scallion greens (see I told ya we’d come back to ’em), and sriracha (though the curry paste will likely have a kick to it).

This meal warmed me through and through. Thanks to that curry paste, I felt like I cooked something authentic without stressing over ingredients or slaving over the stove for hours.