I had no idea that Chile was particularly known for their desserts, but I am officially obsessed now that I’ve finally tried the amazing sweet treats at Dulceria. The small bakery and coffee shop opened in December before the pandemic…which means it’s been open for about two years and I only just made it there, despite it being only .7 miles away. Why? Why? Whyyyyyy? These pastries are so good and “not having a reason” to enjoy a treat while stuck at home should never have stopped me.

I think I also stayed away because I was overwhelmed. Everything in the pastry case looked good and I didn’t know where to start. Well, I solved that problem when I finally went inside and just got [basically] one of everything. I started with a brigadeiro because I feel like when you see those little chocolate bon bons, you gotta get one. I also got a tres leches parfait style dessert that had the cake sandwiched between a layer of dulce de leche and a layer of meringue. But why stop there with the dulce de leche? I also got a alfajore, which is dulce de leche between cookies that were almost like hamantachen dough. Finally, the crêpe cakes all looked so beautiful that I had to try one and went with the passion fruit flavor (that also included layers of dulce de leche).

I anticipated one or two of these treats to be “meh,” but every single thing I tried was delicious. A warning: if you don’t like dulce de leche, this is probably not the bakery for you…but who doesn’t like dulce de leche? Psychopath.