Orange Ginger Salmon

On a recent Pinterest scroll, I found a pin for easy salmon marinades and the orange ginger one caught my eye. What really caught my eye, though, was the fact that there were no measurements. When a recipe basically says “you can’t go wrong as long as you use these ingredients in any quantity,” I knew it would be simpler than simple.

Those ingredients are: olive oil, orange juice, orange zest, ground ginger, minced garlic, salt, and pepper. Stir everything together, pour over a salmon filet, and roast for about 25-30 min at 400. I highly recommend serving with these parsnips I recently posted.

I didn’t really let this marinate. Instead, I made the marinade, poured it over, and roasted immediately because I was in a time crunch. If this had sat in the refrigerator for an hour, I’m sure it would have truly soaked up all the flavors and been even better. As it was, it still tasted delish…that’s how I know it would be even better with some extra time. Next time, if I’m still short on time but want this flavor to be even stronger, I’ll make a compound butter instead of a marinate. For that, I’d just mix the same ingredients into softened butter (instead of whisking into olive oil), spread it over the fish, and roast. The orange and ginger give this salmon a delightfully bright flavor – marinade or butter, you can’t go wrong.