If it wasn’t enough of a treat to have my Mom here for a quick visit last weekend, she gave us the ultimate treat of watching Finn so we could go out to for supper for the first time since he was born. But where to go?! It was like I forgot how to act after three months stuck at home and I didn’t even know where to begin when it came to choosing a restaurant. I turned to Resy so we would be assured a seat. It was there that I stumbled upon new (just a few weeks old) restaurant Lashevet.

Tell me this isn’t better than the standard salt and pepper

The restaurant is Middle Eastern with Moroccan and French influences, but I’d say it skews Israeli. It’s a tiny little place that had us pushed right up against our fellow diners. It made me feel like we were eating family style, even when we weren’t. (That’s a good thing.)

We started with the lamb meatballs and shrimp with gruyere. Actually, we ended with those items because they forgot about them and ended up bringing them after our entrées when we reminded them. Thankfully, they owned up to the mistake and comped us a dessert. We tried the basque style cheesecake, which was tasty (I love a dessert that’s not overly sweet) but a teeny bit dry. My beau got the chicken with peppercorn sauce and vegetables, which he said was very good but a bit underwhelming. (The review you often both expect and fear when it comes to chicken.) I got the salmon, which came with fried goat cheese, pepper coulis, beet hummus, roasted cauliflower. The cauliflower could have been roasted a bit longer, but the salmon had a perfectly crisp skin and the plate was covered with various dips and sauces, aka my favorite thing. There’s no alcohol here [yet] so I washed my meal down with Moroccan tea that was packed with mint, ginger, and lime. I really enjoyed it, even without sweetener (which I typically require in all tea).

I strongly recommend ordering the pita. It’s fluffy perfection and you’ll want to sop up the sauces that come with pretty much every menu item.

They acknowledged that they were still working out the kinks a bit, but I didn’t mind since they made it right. That, combined with really good food (that I sense will get even better as they get their footing) means this tiny restaurant should be here for years to come. Bonus: the daytime menu is 100% vegetarian so this is a great place to bring a non-meat-eating friend. Double bonus: the full Moroccan tea service will definitely impress.