This week actually had some texture to it. Even when I’m stuck inside the apartment all day, I feel busy, but it’s the same busy every day. This week, the weather warmed up so I got outside, I got to see some people, and I even managed to make it to the gym a couple times. It was so nice to mix it up! From here on out, though, we have something almost every weekend so I can look forward to lots of mixing it up.

A new storefront recently opened in the neighborhood and I went to check it out this week. Motherland Exotics carries snacks from around the world and I loved picking up some totally unique items. It’s way overpriced but I’m a sucker for this stuff.

My friend Blair was in the city this week and came over so our boys, who are born just one day apart, could have a play date. Finn is intrigued by grown ups but is apparently ambivalent when it comes to his peers, likely because he’s never really seen another kid his age. For now, we’ll force them to “hang” until they develop real personalities of their own.

Now that Finn’s is fully immunized and it’s not painfully frigid, I’m more comfortable bringing him places so he finally visited his first restaurant over the weekend. We had to bring him to one of our favorite spots in the neighborhood, Harlem Shake. I imagine this is the first of many trips here for Finn. Hopefully we’re raising a mini foodie.