What a wacky weather week we’re having. On Monday it was 75 and sunny…and then yesterday it snowed. Overall, though, the temps are trending up, which makes me ever so happy. For months I’ve been saying “I wish I could go outside, but it’s just too cold,” so now I’m making good on my word and trying to get out for at least a little while each day.

My walks lately have been limited to the neighborhood (though soon I’d like to take Finn on the subway so we can go to another part of town). Just before passing through a movie set, this was my own personal scene.

It’s still sumo citrus season for just a bit longer and this week I did a little cooking project for a healthy dessert. The chocolate could be melted in the microwave and sumos are so easy to segment that this was the perfect thing to make while wearing Finn as my sous chef.

We took Finn on his first mini road trip to Connecticut over the weekend for a birthday party. We traveled less than two hours but quickly realized just how many things you have to think about when taking a baby somewhere. Just before leaving, I realized I’d need to plan a pumping session when we arrived and 5 minutes into the drive it dawned on us that we’d have to pull over to feed and burp him. We definitely lose a bit of spontaneity these days, but overall it was relatively easy and Finn wasn’t fussy at all. My only regret is not documenting the occasion beyond this single photo.