I really questioned this whole parenting thing this week. After 9 days of nary a shart, we had to get things movin and reached out to the pediatrician for some remedies. Thankfully they worked but wowwww. I’ve experienced a blowout before but nothing like this. I had to hose my child down. It looked like a murder scene. But you didn’t come here for that…

On Saturday we headed to the Bronx for Woodlawn’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it was fun to have a full afternoon activity as a family (with another family!). Savannah’s St. Patty’s Day celebrations are on a whole other level and nothing will ever compare, but I love celebrating this holiday any way I can.

Loved this bench on a recent stroll through the Conservatory Gardens.

I had never heard of peony tulips but they were a truly blissful discovery at Trader Joe’s this week. Obsessed.