The name of this bakery/gelato shop is a tongue twister. Every time I try to say Avrilililly’s, I eliminate at least one “li” so moving forward I may just say “that super cute place in Hamilton Heights.” At that super cute place you can find cakes (the flower cakes are works of art), coffees, and ice cream – what a trifecta. And not only are the treats adorable, they’re all made in-house (yes even the sour straws) so it feels extra local.

When it comes to the gelato, I like that they had a balance of traditional and new flavors. There’s vanilla and rocky road…and then there’s rose and chai latte. Still, nothing was too out of the box so nobody will be scared away – it’s just enough variety to ensure everyone will find something they like.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted (and I needed to fit into a cocktail dress two days later) so I just went with a latte. And I have to tell you…it was one of the best iced lattes I’ve had. I don’t know why. I didn’t add any fancy flavors or use coffee ice cubes. It was just a perfect iced latte. Two miles is a bit far to travel for a coffee drink, but doesn’t seem so far for an ice cream or cake excursion.