Koko Wings

We recently decided to mix up the route of our long weekend walk, just to have a change of scenery. On our way to the Columbia area, we passed Koko Wings and, although we had a different lunch destination in mind, I filed it away for later. “Later” arrived that weekend when I had a Friday night to myself and was bored of my standard delivery options.

Despite being a Korean wing joint, I didn’t end up ordering any wings. That’s partly because I didn’t feel like getting messy, but also because I was distracted by fast food versions of some of my Korean favorites. I ended up ordering the spicy crab and cucumber salad, a kimchi burrito with bulgogi meat (served with a lemon dressing salad), parmesan fries, and a side of pickled daikon radish. Everything was tasty, but the fries could have used a bit more…something. I was very happy with my burrito – it was a fun and different way to get those flavors. My salads and snacks were also just the right amount of coolness and crunch to pair with the burrito.

This spot is ideal when you want bar food with a twist. Their other location is near St. Marks, which feels very appropriate. Even as delivery, this is a St. Mark’s kinda place. Koko Wings will definitely be added to the rotation, if only to make me feel like a college kid again.