5 Years

Our anniversary came and went without me documenting it on this site, which, honestly, seems pretty representative of our fifth year. This year has been quite a blur with an everpresent pandemic, pregnancy, and now an expanded family. But like everything else that’s happened over the last year, it’s important to recognize this mini milestone of an anniversary. Just like years past, my beau and I have blindly answered five questions. I’m pleased and proud that – five years later – we’re still pretty in sync.

Take a look back at our 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st anniversaries.

  1. What was your favorite date in your 5th year of marriage?
    • Albert: I loved the Saturday of our Babymoon and exploring new stores/towns/breweries/restaurants/Storm King Mountain and enjoying time together just the two of us.
    • Tess: Shakespeare in the Park has been on my bucket list since I moved to NYC, but I never made it happen so I was thrilled when Albert scored tickets in the lottery. It was a perfectly “New York” day that started with a stroll through the Conservatory Gardens and progressed with snacks at Tavern on the Green. It was also one of the last carefree dates we were able to enjoy before becoming a family of three. [NOTE: I almost gave the same answer as Albert!]
  2. What are you most excited to do with Finn as a family?
    • Albert: Since Central Park plays such a big role in our lives, I’m excited for many park days with him and showing him some of the treasures of the park, like the CP Zoo, the Carousel, and the Sailboat Pond.
    • Tess: Pool/boat days (with some summertime day drinking).
  3. Describe your lovely spouse in 3 words.
    • Albert: It’s hard to pick just 3 words…I’ll go with “Beautifully Awe-Inspiring.”
    • Tess: Loyal, generous, and active.
  4. How has becoming a parent changed your relationship?
    • Albert: It reaffirmed how important communication and teamwork is, and I think is bringing us closer together since we both want to be the best parents we can be, and we can only do that if we work together! 
    • Tess: I like that we’ve each started to carve out parenting tasks (I take the 6:30 shift and he takes the 7 so I can cook dinner; he handles a weekend walk to I can go to the grocery store), but sometimes I feel like we’re ships passing in the night. We get some good quality time together on weekday evenings while we watch some tv on the couch, but I miss how much time/opportunity we used to have for adventuring. Spontaneity played a big role in our relationship – whether it was a last minute Thursday happy hour or a Saturday trip to a random part of the city – so we’re recalibrating now that everything requires more planning. Life is currently the epitome of “it’s not bad; it’s just different.” I’ve said from day one that I knew Albert would be great with a baby (better than me) and my heart grows watching him in action. Watching him exemplify being a good teammate makes me love him so much more.
  5. What are you looking forward to in year 6?
    • Albert: Growing together as a couple/family and watching Finn become a little person…and spending time with Finn in Hilton Head/seeing him experience the beach!
    • Tess: Between the pandemic surging and having a baby in the thick of winter, I’ve felt very cooped up for much of our 5th year. I’m excited for us to break free and enjoy our city as a family – bring on the park days!