Two Hands

I love an Aussie café. Gimme coffee, avocado toast, and a grain bowl every day of the week. With four locations in NYC, one in Austin, and one in Nashville, clearly I’m not the only person who’s down with the vibes. And vibey it is. The blonde wood, whitewashed brick, and geometric tile make it feel very beachy. That means you’ll feel light and carefree, even in the middle of NYC. This is an ideal stop before a day of SoHo shopping.

What’s cuter than this logo?!

I started with a coffee because Australians really know their coffee. I didn’t care that it was fully lunch time. For my entrée I went with the miso mushroom bowl (warm roasted mushrooms, kimchi, six-minute egg, veggies, puffed rice, and sesame served served over quinoa and topped with a miso lemongrass ginger dressing and chili oil) and added salmon. I ate every single bite of this bowl. It was exactly what I wanted and perfectly balanced. I have nothing else to say. Very happy with my meal; very happy with Two Hands.