Summer is almost here and the fun is picking up! We just got back from a fun 48 hours in Savannah where we were able to see my Uncle Steve honored for his decades of service to the community. Now that we’re back, we’re full steam ahead with the rest of our summer plans. We’ve got weddings to attend, beach weeks to plan, and park days to schedule.

I can’t believe we made it work, but we managed to attend Thomas’ baptism and fly to Savannah on Saturday. It’s rare not to feel stretched too thin, but we were actually able to do it all this weekend. The baptism was beautiful and that 6-month-old had quite the celebration – every ounce of it deserved. I’m so happy we could be there with some of our closest friends for such a major moment.

My Mom saved the bowl I ate out of as an infant and it was really special to feed Finn from the very same one.

I didn’t use any vacation days while we were in Savannah (since we were lucky to have some very willing grandparent babysitters) but I made sure to take advantage of the gorgeous setting and set up shop in the backyard. Working from home ain’t so bad with a view like that.