Book Review: Razorblade Tears

They form the unlikeliest of pairs, but after their married sons are murdered Ike and Buddy Lee come together to bring the killers to justice. Ike is Black; Buddy Lee is white. Ike has build a respected lawn care business; Buddy Lee is a drunk living in a trailer park. But both men had great difficulty accepting their gay children while they were alive, both have served [a lot of] time in prison, and both are ok going around the law. Grief and guilt are apparently supreme motivators and the two men are dogged in their quest to find out who brutally gunned down their sons and make them pay.

While it involved interesting gangs and shocking bigotry, Ike and Buddy Lee’s initial investigation took a minute to ramp up (or maybe it took me a minute to put my finger on the vibe). By the end, though, the men are speeding through rural Virgina on a mission for payback and we’re looking at something almost Tarantino-esque. S.A. Cosby’s prose brings some redemption to these deeply flawed men and I enjoyed the discomfort of the bloody path to justice.

4 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: PBR + shot of whiskey