Shrimp and Corn Quinoa Bowls

I normally like bowl night meals to be a bit more thematic and authentic, but this one just got thrown together. Perhaps I should take this approach more often because my beau requested seconds. It’s sorta got a Mexican feel…but then I used feta so it veered off course a bit. The saltiness of the cheese worked, though, and the combo came together nicely. It’s also definitely on the healthier side so that’s a win.

While you have quinoa cooking away, coat shrimp in TJ’s citrusy garlic seasoning and sauté. If you don’t have this seasoning blend, garlic, onion powder, lime, and oregano are the main ingredients you should pull from your spice cabinet. When the shrimp was cooked, I used the same pan to warm up some frozen fire roasted corn with a bit of butter. I served with crumbled feta and TJ’s pepita salsa. This is probably my favorite salsa, but if you don’t have it, hack your own by doing a rough chop in the food processor of a basic mild salsa with jarred roasted bell peppers and some cumin. Then top your bowl with pepitas. I might actually have to try this method anyway because I think this bowl would be extra good with the crunch of some pepitas on top.