It hasn’t been a wild week, but it has been an exciting week. My birthday was Tuesday, which I now share with Finn’s half birthday. That means my little bambino is a whole six months old. Wow. Since it was a Tuesday, I didn’t do a ton of celebrating on my actual birthday, but I certainly enjoyed ordering some of my favorite tacos for Taco Tuesday and having a bite or two of cake from an incredible neighborhood bakery. For [I think] the first time, I didn’t take my bday off work but I have a Summer Friday lined up for tomorrow and have planned myself a DAY. I’m taking advantage of Finn being in daycare and my plan is to get in a workout and then enjoy some of my favorite things downtown. I’m talking coffee shop, book store, patio hang, new restaurant(s), Italian market, wine bar…all before picking Finn up. I’m so so so excited.

Two things have been sparking such joy this week. I split my bday bouquet into two arrangements and I love how this cute short one turned out. Every few minutes I glance over from my laptop and seeing these cuties makes work far more enjoyable. I also picked up cold brew concentrate from TJ’s and have been using it to make my own iced coffee each morning. I wasn’t a fan of their pre-made cold brew, but this cold brew concentrate really hits. It’s also very lovely to drink out of a real glass with a fun straw. Iced coffee means it’s really summer and it’s nice to be able to enjoy it at home.

My beau was at a bachelor party over the weekend and I had no real plans. Around 10:15am on Saturday, Blair texted to see if I wanted to meet up for sushi and sun in Madison Square Park and I was IN. Finn woke up from his nap, had a bottle, and we were off. I love a spur of the moment hang and it all felt very easy. It was a gorgeous day and I loved not having to figure out what to do with a baby for hours and hours.

When I saw a friend post pics of her kids in custom outfits at a birthday party I knew I needed some for Finn. I immediately messaged her to find out where she got such adorable outfits and she directed me to this Etsy shop. I absolutely love how they turned out and have a feeling I’ll be ordering more.