California Roll Bowls

Find me someone who doesn’t love a California roll. I dare ya. Sure sure, it’s not “real” sushi, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an ultra satisfying snack. I’m not in the business of rolling my own sushi at home on a weeknight, but when you take all the things you love about that universal starter roll (plus some extra protein) and put them into a bowl, that perfect snack becomes a perfect supper.

Stick some sushi rice in the rice cooker. Before the rice finishes cooking, you’ll have finished all your other prep. Boil some edamame and then just use the same pot to boil some shrimp. Toss the cooked shrimp with some salt and pepper – that’s all they need because you want these flavors clean. Other toppings include kani, diced avocado, julienned cucumer, furikake, and sauces (soy sauce, kewpie mayo, sriracha). Toss the rice with some sushi seasoning (I use a bottled version but you can make your own with rice vinegar/sugar/salt) and enjoy.

Before topping with your fave sauce

There’s very little cooking involved here, which makes it perfect for the summer when you don’t want your house getting too hot. In fact, the shrimp, edamame, etc. can all be prepped in advance so the only thing you need to make is the rice…which happens in the rice cooker so there’s no real work there. You might not be able to rock everyone’s boat with a poke bowl, but a California roll bowl is a sure crowd pleaser.