Turkey Meatbal + Artichoke Quinoa Bowls

Frozen artichokes are new to me. I usually go with canned, but I’m kinda into the frozen ones now. Since they don’t have to be drained, they’re super easy to work with and, while they might not have the same big flavor as the marinated ones, they can be seasoned and are easily tossed into meals to add some quick heft. Since I also used frozen meatballs for this meal, I really took advantage of that freezer section. It meant a very hearty meal in very little time.

Cook up some quinoa and while it gets ready, microwave up some turkey meatballs (Trader Joe’s) and frozen artichokes. I also made a quick tahini sauce (tahini, Greek yogurt, salt, lemon pepper, and garlic) and served with feta and crispy onions. Done.