Can you tell I’ve been busy? I’ve had a ton of travel recently so this blog has taken a backseat and that makes me sad. It’s all good, though, because I’m catching up. Not just on this site – I’m catching up in all areas of my life. I’m managing my to-do list at work, getting in workouts, and reading at a better pace.

I got back from Montreal on a Friday evening and headed straight to a wedding Saturday afternoon. It was fun to leave Finn at home for a while and just enjoy ourselves, even if the wedding was a bit earlier and more chill than those we’re accustomed to. I’m not gonna lie I loved how I looked. I managed another updo all on my own and I cashed in my bday giftcard from my parents during Nordy’s anniversary sale and miraculously everything fit, including this dress and shoes. It felt like such a win not needing to return anything and I always enjoy getting dressed up.

To date, I haven’t been the crafty mom since Finn is doing so much at school and is then go go go with us on weekends, but I decided I needed to put in a little effort. He is super sensory and loves textures so on a recent target run I picked up a bunch of things he could touch and feel. I’ll make a sensory bag with the things that are choking hazards, but he was really into the bin I made with an old box and these tube things from the dollar spot section. I now refuse to pay for expensive toys that take up a lot of room, are not aesthetically pleasing, and that he’ll tire of in a matter of days. After putting all this stuff together, I feel like Supermom.

My brother, sister in law, and nephews were visiting over the weekend and we had a blast. I loved seeing them see the city and so happy we managed to get in some good quality time.