Who else is squeezing in all the summertime activities? Though we still have a bit of the season left, the end is creeping up on us. I’m making sure I do fun brunches, outdoor festivals, grilled meals, and farmers’ markets. Now is the time to soak it all in. My bestie is visiting this weekend and our only real plan is to enjoy the sunshine and do all the fun summer playtime things.

Over the weekend we hung out with some of our neighbors at a BBQ & Blues festival. The event was held on a pier in perfect weather with gorgeous views of the Hudson. I think it was more popular than they anticipated because they definitely could have used more vendors, but being on the water, eating bbq, and listeing to good music is pretty tough to beat. It’s also really nice that we’ve been making friends with people in our building. We’re creating a nice little community and NYC suddenly feels way less like an overwhelming big city.

I was initially not into the cotton candy baby’s breath they just started selling at Trader Joe’s; I was worried it would look like those entirely unnatural carnations. But they actually look fun and a bit ethereal. Digging it.

Cool parents alert! We went out ON A MONDAY this week. When my aunt and uncle invited us to join them for a Yankee’s game, we said “ya know what? why not?!” Once we found a babysitter, it was ON. The Yankees lost (again, ugh) but talk about a great change of pace. It was also my first baseball game of the season so now summer can feel complete…though I’m not saying I’m anywhere near ready for summer to end.