Sooo I’m about two weeks behind in posting. I had all my content lined up but between work travel and daycare being closed for a week, it just didn’t happen. But now I’m back to real life and posting frantically so I hope you enjoy. I’m so bummed that summer is over (which also means buh bye to Summer Fridays), but I’m excited to get back into a bit of a routine. After a summer with a ton of weekend plans, it feels strange that my only plans for the near future are for watching football on Saturdays. Side note, I learned just how hard it is to watch a game and a child at the same time. 3:30 games were always my favorite, but now I’m begging for more night games so he can be in bed.

Labor Day Weekend was super low key. I mostly just ate delicious takeout and drank a lot of wine each evening. No complaints. The one real activity was heading to Pier I in the UWS for a county fair. It was small, but it was fun to check out the booths on the pier and walk along the water. It was also nice that a few friends decided to join us so I didn’t feel like I had an entirely antisocial long weekend.

Finn turned 9 months old yesterday and also recently hit another milestone. He can pull himself up now! It’s tough now that he’s so mobile, but it’s cool watching him reach each of these new developmental stages.

I recently found myself craving a dirty ‘tini but was out of olives. I did, however, have some pickled okra and can confirm that makes for a great dirty martini. I figure I’ll always have one or the other garnish stocked so now I can have my classy cocktail anytime I want.