Yes yes I’ve been gone for a long time, but life has been crazy. My company went through mass layoffs, rendering15% of employees redundant, myself included. Luckily, I landed a new job immediately, but between my career being in flux and then the craziness that comes with starting at a new company…I just didn’t have it in me to post. But I was still stockpiling content so I’m back with plenty to say.

I was too nervous to really enjoy myself in the lag time between jobs. I was too concerned that something could fall through so I mostly stayed home and caught up on Netflix and going on very long walks. But once I was sure this was the real deal, I planned an epic two days for myself on my last two days of “funemployment.” I treated myself to an omakase sushi lunch, stopped at several bookstores, went to thrift shops, and tried a couple restaurants on my list. I had a ball. One of my stops on Friday – my last day of freedom! – was The Pickle Guys. I used to spend so much time in the LES but very rarely find myself down there now. It was a nice throwback to hit up an NYC institution like this.

Since moving to Harlem, I’d never really experienced Halloween. In the first year or two I either had a party to attend downtown or tried to deliver candy in our building. And then COVID hit. And then I was super pregnant and didn’t feel like going outside. (With neither a child to take trick or treating nor the ability to consume alcohol, it felt pointless.) This year I took a short stroll during dusk and learned our neighborhood does it RIGHT for Halloween. I can’t wait to take Finn around next year.

Finn is all about bathtime now. I know it will soon be frustrating, but for now I find it super adorable when he physically pushes my arms away (with surprising force and intention) when I try to take him out. It’s always fun to see a personality emerge.