Book Review: Lucky

Lucky Armstrong is a con artist, raised by a con artist. (Think: the movie Heartbreakers but with a father/daughter duo rather than a mommy and me situation.) She has just pulled off a major heist when her boyfriend (and fellow grifter) leaves her high and dry. Her saving grace is the winning lottery ticket burning a hole in her pocket…except she can’t cash it without blowing her cover. She has long wanted to live a normal life and just might have a chance if she can figure out how to turn in her ticket without revealing her identity. She bounces from state to state, trying to evade the shady characters her line of work has attracted while also trying to learn about her past. She knows her father has hidden things from her, but she also knows he’s the key to helping her carve out a new life so it’s time to confront him.

While I appreciated that this was a quick read, the ending felt rushed. Multiple twists came together a little too perfectly, making things a bit too harmonious. That said, Lucky’s reaction to these twists (skeptical, often nonplussed) made her a more believable character. Some characters deserved more backstory and I think the book could have used a bit more diversity, but overall it was entertaining.

3.25 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: Moonshine