Ok so I’m back to blogging, but I’m clearly easing my way in. Here’s the thing: I started a new job and it’s super busy. I’ve never been thrown into work like this with such a small window of an adjustment period. I can’t say I hate it though. I learn well by doing, and everyone has been helpful and patient so far. On top of that, the busy fall/holiday season is in full swing and my calendar is filling up quickly. Oh and then there’s a sick kid to contend with. Nothing like diving into everything all at once!

This Sunday was the NYC marathon, which is always such a fun day. We live right on the route and it’s always fun to pour a drink at home and then take it outside to cheer on the runners. The city is just so happy on Marathon Sunday.

We hit up the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturday – my first time there in years – and I was so impressed with the bounty. I walked away with salamis, freshly farmed cheese, unique mushrooms, and the most gorgeous flowers (enough for two bouquets) for $10.

Tuesday was election day and this was an important one, as some of our fundamental rights hang in the balance. I made sure to go out and cast my ballot – it’s such an important piece of our democracy. I was pleased with most of the results but disappointed that the Georgia senate race is going into a runoff. As a diehard UGA football fan, I think Hershel Walker is great…on the playing field. He does not deserve a place in government. While I don’t believe sports, politics, and entertainment are mutually exclusive (we contain multitudes – you can be smart AND a talented actress!), I think he, specifically, is not suited for politics. He has consistently proven he does not have a grasp on the issues, has an alleged history of lying/abuse, and I kinda feel like he is just being used as a puppet by Trump, which can’t be safe for any of us long term. The point is: read up on the issues and candidates (via non-biased sources) and then get out and vote. It is vital for protecting our rights and our country.