Nat’s On Bank

Going to a seafood restaurant when you’re seriously hungover is not typically advised. However, I’d like to make an amendment that it’s ok if that seafood restaurant is Nat’s On Bank. First of all, there are enough non-fish items on the menu that you’ll be a-ok. (But I forced myself to get something with shellfish and thanks to the preparation I can say now that it was the right move.) Also, the vibe is an immediate mood booster, even if you just want to put your head on the table. It’s giving Miami; it’s giving club. And finally, the drinks will be pouring again so it’s a great place for a little hair of the dog.

I ordered the scallop sandwich. The scallops were beer battered and beer batter is often synonymous with hangover cure. It was garnished with a fennel and cabbage slaw and spicy aioli. It was a great sandwich. What I really have my eye on, however, is the uni bucatini, so it looks like I need to make some plans to go there for dinner.

This place makes standardly stodgy things, like raw towers, fun. The creamer is in an alpaca and there’s a disco ball in the bathroom. You’re going to enjoy your time here.