Mysttik Masaala Cart

Street food has become a popular restaurant genre, but the best place to get it is, arguably, on the street. That’s why when I saw the Mysttik Masaala Cart (and it’s long line) at the Grand Bazaar flea market, I knew it was going to be my lunch. While keeping the menu generally the same makes it easy to churn out meal after meal to a hungry waiting crowd, it’s nice to see that they have daily specials. Unsure of what you want? They’ll ask what you’re feelin and recommend something like a mixologist.

I ordered one of the chicken bowls and it was heavy – I was definitely full after. The flavor was great – just enough spice – and it ate like real homestyle cooking. I could tell how large my bowl was going to be so I held back from ordering the samosa chaat…but I’m still thinking about it. Also good to note that they’ve got several vegan/vegetarian options so this cart is a people pleaser.