This Christmas week has been a doozy. Work is slow, but I’m still on the clock…too bad Finn is not. Now that he’s a full-fledged one year old, he needs constant stimulation, which seems particularly tough in freezing cold temps. He’s also on a food strike right now. This is a thing?! Apparently. Before Sunday, I had a mini garbage disposal, but currently he turns his nose up at most food. He also gets fussy in the evenings, which is a new thing for us. Hoping this phase is a short one.

It’s not Christmas without coquito. For the second year in a row, we spent Xmas Eve at Matt and Karina’s for a little feast of the seven fishes. It was absolutely lovely. The food was wonderful and the company even better. And coquito is the cherry on top. Unfortunately, when plans shifted, we weren’t able to get to Connecticut for any of the holiday, but we were able to host a small Christmas at our home on Sunday with Albert’s parents and sister. Between that and our Christmas Eve celebration, we were with family for the whole holiday, which is just so nice.

I made pancakes for the first time…maybe ever? It w meant I finally got to whip out the electric griddle we got for our wedding and this nonstick masterpiece worked like magic. I used the ube mochi mix from TJ’s (hence the purple hue) and they came out perfectly in under 10 minutes. (Quite tasty too.) It was nice to have a special holiday breakfast to set the day apart.

When we needed to entertain Sir Finn this week, we took him to the Museum of the City of New York, which is walking distance and thankfully keeping holiday hours (normally they’re a weekend-only operation). I got to see an exhibit on activism – the only current exhibit I hadn’t seen – and it was really well done. Such a great way to spend a couple hours.