Twenty Twenty Three

My goals for the new year

  1. Connect with other parents from Finn’s school and set up play dates.
  2. Take advantage of the teenage girls in our building who have offered to babysit so we can go on nights. (That could mean double dates or group hangs – just that my beau and I need to make it a priority to be social at the same time; one person’s fun evening shouldn’t always mean the partner has to sacrifice.) My goal is at least one per month.
  3. Play records more often. I love dancing around the living room to some vinyl.
  4. Go to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier and get in a workout. It’s hard to peel myself away from couch tv time, especially since it’s the main time when my beau and I get to connect during the week, but I’d like to start washing up around 9:30 so I can read a bit and be asleep by 10:30 at the latest.
  5. Get my next tattoo. I’ve long known what I want, but I needed to wait until I was no longer breastfeeding and then life just got busy. When I finally found time, I reached out to the artist who did my other tattoos and because he does a lot of celeb business he has become a bit too expensive. I’d like to find someone with the same style in my price range and finally get the piece I’ve been thinking about for so long.
  6. Get professional photos. I was on a good run, using services like Flytographer while on vacation…but then vacations stopped. Even if it’s just portrait mode on my iPhone plus a really talented stranger, I want to make a plan (outfits, location) and capture some moments that are holiday card worthy.
  7. Most of my friends have moved away – to all sorts of places – and a visit to see them after a long time apart does wonders for the soul, as I learned when I visited Steph in the fall. I’d like to plan another trip like that (friend tbd) at some point this year.
  8. I’ve never loved the idea of giving Finn a ton of screen time and really don’t want to use the tv like a babysitter, but I recognize the beauty in balance. I’d like to establish a standard of no tv during the week and only an hour on Saturdays and Sundays. The rest of the weekend should be filled with activities, which means I need to stock up on indoor activities for those days we can’t go outside.