Dang it’s hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. I’m my case, work has been very busy this week (I knew it would be), which is like getting splashed in the face with ice water.

One of our holiday week excursions took us to the West Village to acquire New Year’s Eve provisions. We stopped by the butcher, the cheese monger, and the pasta nonna, but the final stop was at the coffee store so I could restock. It was my first time actually going inside Porto Rico Importing Co., despite passing it more times than I can count. This time, the aroma was too good to pass up and I can’t wait to brew up my beans.

We dropped the ball on holiday cards this year. I never got around to getting family photos taken, but I don’t have an excuse like a newborn this year. So I made sure we had coordinating outfits and we stopped by a playground, set my phone to portrait mode, and propped it up on a diaper bag. It’s not perfect, but we managed to capture our little family and a late card is better than no card. We also only spent about 7 minutes taking pics so anxiety was low and Finn got to play on the swings the rest of the time so he was thrilled.

It was the opposite of easy taking care of Finn for 10 days while daycare was closed for the holidays. He requires so much entertaining. We didn’t quite figure it all out until the end of the break, but we got there in the end. I’m very thankful we had a warm week – this would have been impossible in freezing temps. We went to a lot of museums, the best (for Finn) being the children’s museum. He loved being able to crawl all over the place. We’ll definitely be making a return visit.