Harlem Public

I don’t get up to the Hamilton Heights area of Harlem as often as I’d like…which is silly because it’s just as close as going down to the UWS or UES, just in the opposite direction. If you know the area at all, you know there’s a great stretch of restaurants, Harlem Public being one of them.

Ok so I’ll admit I don’t remember every detail of my meal because it was almost exactly four months ago. Oops. I do remember it was very good.

We ordered chicken wings to share and they had a great crunch. Typically, I think wings should be buffalo style, but this garlic ranch was great and just enough sauce so they were flavorful but still crispy. My beau then ordered the southwestern chicken sandwich and I built my own burger. I knew I had to get a burger because images of their burgers on Instagram is what drew me to this restaurant in the first place. Pretty sure I got mine with mushrooms, pepper jack, and a fun mayo. It was juicy, tasty, and had that sweet brand on the bun. Also, the fries were solid. I love when they’re cut like this.

This is just a great neighborhood spot. There’s a great beer/cocktail menu, it’s bar food but, like, really good bar food, and it still feels like the kind of place where people know your name.