On Friday, Finn came home with a fever and was a pretty pitiful sight. It wasn’t long before we learned he had hand foot and mouth disease. The sickness tore through his classroom with five out of the eight kids affected. Thankfully, Finn’s case was not nearly as bad as it could have been, but it meant staying home from school as it’s highly contagious. Aside from it being pretty impossible to get anything done while he’s home, by yesterday I could tell he was going stir crazy. I’m proud of how Albert and I worked together to get everything done but don’t love how the illness crushed all our fun plans for the weekend. Bye bye bar crawl double date…so long birthday party with friends…

Finn never sits still. Like, ever. So when he was content to snuggle on the couch with a movie, I knew he felt awful. Secretly, I like the moments of calm.

The dark chocolate doughnuts at Super Nice might be their best flavor. And with a latte? Oh boy.

We might not have been able to go anywhere to show off our outfits, but we all donned our red and black to cheer on the Dawgs in the National Championship. Because Finn was sick, we didn’t plan anything, but it was also a Monday so probably smart not to go out and go crazy…but when we won all I wanted to do was run through the streets. I can’t believe how they completely demolished TCU to secure back-to-back titles. I’m still on a high. Now I’m off to buy official natty merch.