Months and months and months ago I had saved a picture of a sandwich on Instagram. When my Mom came to visit back in September and I realized that sandwich came from a real deal restaurant (vs. a takeout sandwich spot) I knew it was the ideal place for our lunch. As an Israeli restaurant, Dagon is perfect for my Mom. Sure, there are plenty of hearty entrees, but Israelis love a spread and my Mom loves to graze.

The vibe is mid century Miami kibbutz and I was loving it. Note: they do a bottomless brunch and something about the sage greens and blush tones will make you want to take advantage of the passionfruit mimosas.

We started with a spread of three mezze (which came with bread) and chose the beets (with horseradish yogurt, chickpeas, crispy beef tongue), the roasted carrots, and the labneh. The spices on everything were perfection. For her entree, my Mom got a gorgeous Israeli salad, while I got the schnitzel (which came with tahini, Israeli salad, and mashed potatoes. Everything was dynomite.

Here you’ll find all the traditional Israeli dishes that manage to feel modern even if they don’t stray too far from the path. How do they do that? Ugh don’t ask questions just enjoy. Also, Finn absolutely loved it. The carrots with all their spices, the creamy labneh, the fluffy bread…we had to take it away. And then we had to take ourselves away because Finn absolutely destroyed their bathroom with a massive blowout and we had to walk him 2 miles home, shirtless like the country boy he is, because the spare onesie was too small.