This week has been busy but still feels manageable. I can do manageable. To be honest, they haven’t all felt that way recently. Work has felt way too hectic that everything else falls by the wayside. As long as things stay in this manageable category, I can handle it. This weekend is the first without any real plans. We’ll have to get some activities on the calendar to keep Finn busy during the day and orchestrate something for ourselves at night so it doesn’t feel boring. Might be time for a themed movie night or epic cheese board.

I just learned about drop-in playtime at the Harlem JCC so I took Finn on Sunday. This outpost of the JCC is just one big room, but it happens to be nearby and offers some nice programming. The Sunday activity includes a short storytime, but it’s mostly open play. At home, we’re usually saying “don’t climb on this” or “don’t pull on that” so it was nice to offer Finn some new toys and a place to roam.

We’re making good on our resolution for at least one date night per month! We were actually going to have two this month, but Finn got sick so we had to cancel the first one. This time, we went to dinner and drinks with friends and it was so nice to be out of the house. It certainly ain’t cheap though so we ever so glamorously took the subway there and back (which was faster anyway).

My new favorite thing to add in my bodega sandwiches is curly fries. You only need a couple (truly – so don’t worry about this being the thing to drive up the calories) but it takes my wraps to a whole new level.