Best Purchases of 2022

I didn’t go nuts buying things this year, but a few items made an impact

Peep the mini baguettes
  • What It Is: Trader Joe’s frozen mini baguettes
  • How Much It Costs: $3.99 for 4
  • Why It’s Awesome: This is the best item to keep stocked in the freezer. So often I want a baguette for a meat and cheese platter and have to run out to grab one day-of. Not only is that annoying, I’m always left with extra that goes stale before our small household can finish it. (Or I polish off the whole thing myself…not ideal.) They only take 6 minutes to heat up and you can take one or two out at a time, which means if you’re only entertaining your household of two, you won’t be stuck with extra bread. Perfect for a small snackie or last minute entertaining.
  • What It Is: Amazon coat
  • How Much It Costs: $150 (but I got it for I think $80 in a Black Friday or Prime Day sale)
  • Why It’s Awesome: This was actually a late 2021 purchase that I didn’t start using until early 2022 but can now confidently say that this viral Amazon coat is worth the hype. It’s cute and keeps me warmer than most down jackets I’ve tried.
  • What It Is: The Short Years
  • How Much It Costs: $129
  • Why It’s Awesome: Assembling a baby book (finding the pictures, printing them, remembering to note important milestones) can be a hassle and is so easily pushed to the back burner. As much as I want to think I’ll never forget an adorable sound Finn makes or his favorite toy at a certain point in time, if I don’t write it down when it’s happening, all of a sudden he’s entered a new stage and I completely forget what he used to be like. This app-based book sends you prompts and alerts so you fill everything out at the proper time. Because it’s so simple to fill out, I don’t mind doing it, and they compile all the chapters for me. The result is a beautiful [not at all cheesy] book that I never would have been able to do on my own while working full time.
  • What It Is: Kosas 10-second eyeshadow
  • How Much It Costs: $15
  • Why It’s Awesome: It is so simple to apply this eyeshadow and the coverage is perfect. Perhaps my favorite eye makeup…ever?
  • What It Is: Cold Brew Concentrate from Trader Joe’s
  • How Much It Costs: $10
  • Why It’s Awesome: Trader Joe’s cold brew is one of the very few items I don’t particularly like at that store. The cold brew concentrate, however, is great. It takes seconds to make (ice + 1 part cold brew concentrate + 2 parts water + splash of milk/creamer) so my morning routine is quick and easy. It’s been a summertime lifesaver and costs soooo much less than iced coffee from a shop.
THE coat
  • What It Is: Indi Backpack (Dagne Dover)
  • How Much It Costs: $195 for the Medium (but I got it for less because they definitely have sales)
  • Why It’s Awesome: This bag is lightweight and holds a ton. There are quite a few compartments so you can keep things organized and it includes a mini changing pad. This style is way more convenient than repurposing a tote bag, especially because it can be worn in conjunction with a baby carrier or while pushing a stroller without sliding all over the place. And if you have a male partner, he won’t complain about wearing it.
  • What It Is: Diamond Claw Ring from Ring Concierge
  • How Much It Costs: $498 (but they have 1-2 great sales/year so I would look into that)
  • Why It’s Awesome: This piece is amazing because I bought it for myself. When I landed a new job (and promotion), I decided to treat myself to something pretty. It serves no purpose other than being sparkly and fun, but I think it was important to do something to mark this moment in my career.
  • What It Is: Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Remover
  • How Much It Costs: $14.50 for 2
  • Why It’s Awesome: Definitely not the sexiest item on this list, but arguably the most practical. This will remove days old, caked-on poop from clothes. If you have a child or a dog, it’s a must.