Ok I’m officially over the winter and ready for springtime. I’m ready to not have to put Finn in a sleeping bag to go out, which makes it that much harder to buckle that squirmy thing into the stroller. I’m chill in a park. I’m ready to grill. It looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer, but we’ll get there. In the meantime, I’m trying to find joy in getting creative with wintertime activities and reveling in a busy but more manageable work week.

I’m team French press when it comes to coffee at home, but when mine recently broke I had to outsource my caffeine. There’s just something about coffee from a bodega or street cart. It’s not fancy, but it almost always hits the spot.

I am very lucky to have an Aunt and Uncle (technically cousins, but still) living nearby in the city. They invited us over for dinner and it was definitely not easy thanks to Finn’s bedtime and curiosity, but it was really nice being able to leave our home in the evening and enjoy a homecooked meal with family. Of course, it was super adorable watching Finn have storytime.

I had book club on Tuesday so we thought it would just be easier to order in. We still wanted to do Taco Tuesday, which meant getting from one of my absolute favorite spots, Ollin. Such a great midweek treat.