Water Witch Tiki

If you’re going to go to Ukiyo (and you should go to Ukiyo), you must hit up Water Witch Tiki for a drink either before or after. It may not the the Swingin 60s anymore, but tiki bars are still very much a good idea. And as a waterfront city, tiki culture is a natural fit in Savannah.

There are multiple seating areas so your group can find their own little nook and just sink into that laidback lifestyle. There’s punchy wallpaper and enough rope and rattan to take you right to the Pacific.

I can’t remember which cocktail I got (oops), but since I’m not big on rum or gin, I know it must have been the remember the water witch or pier pressure (pretty sure that was the latter). My beau ordered the smoked banana cocktail. Ughhh don’t you just love a smoked cocktail? We were both very happy with our drinks and, of course, loved the vibes. And (!) the prices are not outrageous for a cocktail bar. The Starland District has become my favorite bar area in Savannah and Water Witch Tiki is one of the reasons why.